Frostbite is a Dracolich that currently lives in Xenox.


Frostbite is relatively large, about two times the size of a large Dragonoid.

Like all Dracoliches, most of Frostbite's body is torn flesh. The only thing that keeps his body together is strong magic that can be seen whisping off of Frostbite like smoke. The only part of Frostbite's body that still has scales and flesh is his spikey tail.

Frostbite has eight silvery horns on his head, each getting smaller as you look down his head. Frostbite has bright azure eyes. Much like Gemfire, a Dragon from Emirion, bright light can be seen glowing in his body.

Frostbite's wings are extremely large compared to his legs. They are each about as long as three of his legs combined. His wings are still very well at flying even though they are torn apart.

His legs are very small. He hardly ever walks, most of the time he is flying. The only uses he has for his legs are for snatching fish out of the ocean.


Nothing really is known about him or how he became a Dracolich, but it is known he was a Frost Dragon. He may have self-transformed himself, it is most likely.

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