Free abyssal
Free Abyssals are Abyssals who have no shells. They are the exact opposites of Abytals.

Becoming a Free AbyssalEdit

Abyssals only become a Free Abyssal when they loose their shell. This might happen if the Abyssal damages the shell or if it is removed for some reason by Mortis or one of his Harbingers.


Free Abyssals are just Abyssals without a shell, like a Hermit Crab (Abyssal) and a Crab (Free Abyssal), they are the same, just with and without a shell.

Free Abyssals are black entities with small wings and short horns like that belonging to a ram. Free Abyssals usually carry weapons such as swords, scythes, spears, and sickles.


Free Abyssals are much faster than Abyssals and Abytals, so they are used as messangers between the Abyss and Mythos.

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