Father Mortis is a book believed to be written by the first worshippers of Mortis. Though the narratives show clear parallels, there are many differences between this book and The True Faith of Emiria.


For the goddess of good and life was not so, but instead the bane of greatness and progress, opposing Mortis' every action as he attempted to lessen the burden of suffering on the living. In her jealousy and paranoia, she took the world and halted it, fearing lest it change from what she had made.

- ibid.

The most terrifying of the Gods is not warlike Balthos, cruel Amora, or helmetted Mortis; it is Neannu, whose anger and jealousy are the roots of too many of the world's evils. Where there should have been unity she divided; where there could have been safety she introduced conflict. There is no Demon or Dragon more worthy of fear.

- ibid.

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