Eros the first

Eros König was the founder of Emirion and House König.


Eros had deep brown eyes, just like all his decendants, and medium lengthed brown hair, flowing down to just above where the neck meets the chest. He had a lightly tanned body and rippling muscles.

Eros had ornated armor, much like that belonging to a paladin. It was made of silver, lined with streaks of shining gold. His sword was fully made of a gold and bronze mixture. His shield was made of the same mixture. Eros' helm had two points. Many say it was modeled to look like the wings of a Dragon, as Eros loved Dragons and had raised six Dragons all by himself. Others say it was the pointed ears of an Alfa, as Eros was great friends with the Alfas.


Eros was born in 0440. He grew up in an old town named Dezlantes, where the modern castle of king Tytos Korlath resides. In 0460, Eros got married to Saphire Haertmayer. In 0461, Eros and Saphire gathered a group of settlers and traveled to the coast of south-west Emiria. On their travels, they met Alfas, Dragons, and other creatures. However, most of them were friendlies. In 0462, the settlers found a coastal island they named Emirion. There, they settled and created a large town. Just after they settled, Eros and Saphire had a child, heir to the throne. In 0511, Eros died.


Eros was known to be kind, heroic, and couragous. He always put others in front of himself.

He had a special interest for Dragons.


Little was known about Eros' magical abilities, except that he was very good at Dracomancy. He was a strong Dracomancer and had six Dragons.

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