Emirion is a small tropical island realm just off shore from the north-south coast of Emiria. Unlike Emiria, it is very peacful, witha few exceptions.


Emirion is named after the larger continent it floats beside, Emiria.

Political State of EmirionEdit

Emirion is ruled by the great king, Nova König. Nova is currently the king and lord of House König, the royal family of the entire realm.

Nova rules Emirion fairly and well. He is not like Tytos Korlath, a king in Emiria who urges war and demands more land. Nova is happy with his owned land and treats it well.


Emirion was founded in 0462. It is currently ruled by Nova König. There have been hundreds of kings, all under the last name König. The König family assembled a tribe of about one hundred men just after Emiria was founded. They searched for land until they stumbled upon a small island off the coast of southern Emiria. They traveled there and settled. They were not noticed by other inhabitants of Emiria for a long while. However, when they were discovered, they were treated fairly and left out of all issues of Emiria.

List of Great Houses in EmirionEdit

As Emirion is ruled entirely by House König, there are no other houses.

Geography and LifeEdit

Emirion is by far one of the smallest realms on Mythos, only about 124,987 square miles. Emirion is covered mostly with sandy beaches and tropical forests. These areas are thriving with life, from giant dragons, to the smallest of insects.

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