Gemfire, the last known Emerald Dragon

Emerald Dragons are a rare species of Dragons once native to Emiria and Emirion.


Emerald Dragons, as portrayed by the name, are a shade of emerald green. Each individual scale of an Emerald Dragon shines and glows like a beautiful emerald gem.

Emerald Dragons' faces are very distinct, making it easy to tell these predators apart from other Dragons. They have pointed horns, looking almost like the ears of an Elf or Alfa. They have small green eyes, but large, gaping mouths. When looking inside the mouth of an Emerald Dragon, a shining green light can be seen. This may be strong magic emitting from the inner body.

Emerald Dragons have long back spines, webbed together by thin membrane. This membrane can also be felt in between the thin ribs of the wings.

These Dragons have long tails. At the tip of the tails are hard, javelin like tips. These may be used as weapons.


These marvellous Dragons were once widely populated in Emiria and Emirion. However, they were all hunted down for their tails, used as spears and javelins. Currently, the last known Emerald Dragon is Gemfire, partner of Nova König.

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