Earth wizard

Druids are special human magicians that draw their powers and energy from nature.


Most of the few remaining Druids live among the tribe of Za'falzar. The tribe tattoo all members with a special magic. These tattoos allow Druids to absorb energies from nature and use them to manipulate the natural landscapes.

Druids wear light clothing, usually not even wearing shirts. They are decorated with many pieces of gold in forms of necklaces, rings, chains, braces, and many others.


Druids are capable of absorbing special elements in nature and using it to manipulate the landscape, or use it to create objects of the absorbed element. For example, say a Druid absorbed water. He or she could changed the absorbed water into a sword, create a whirlpool in the body of water, or just lauch a jet of water at an enemy. Another example would be with plants. Say a Druid used magic to manipulate a group of vines, using them as whips or as tentacles, grabbing enemies.


Druids have always been rare. Only about one in one hundred people born with magical abilities are born with the powers of a Druid.

Druids have been around in Emiria for as long as anyone can remember.