Drake South
Drake in his armor at the conquering of Balask.


The King of the South







Drake South is the illegitimate son of Tytos Korlath.


Drake is thin for his age. His eyes are grey, his features are smooth. He does not have the fiery hair his father had in his youth, instead his hair is pitch black. Drake is pale skinned. He is 6'2 in height, and only 140 pounds. Because he is a king's bastard, people have taking to calling him the Black Prince. He has embraced this name and now all of his garments are black, including his armor.


Drake is viewed as distant and cold. He is cruel as well, but sometimes hints of mercy shine through. It is believed his up-bringing lead him to become what he is today. There are rumors that he killed his own mother, however these are just rumors. Drake has no friends and prefers to spend his days in the practice yard or with his father going about his business. Drake also enjoys hunting, and there are rumors he hunts men and woman, setting them free in the woods by World's End and riding them down the next day. The man who told this tale claimed he saw the butchery himself.


Drake's mother is unknown, but his father is Tytos Korlath.

He has an alleged half-sister, Wirolyn.

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