A black Dragonoid standing on an icy mountain peak in Xenox

Dragonoids are large reptilian humanoids found in parts of Draka and Xenox.


Dragonoids are not actually true dragons, although, their features look much like dragons.

Usually having red, black, blue, or white scale colours, these reptiles can grow up to 12 feet tall, twice the size of the average human. They usually weigh around 400 lbs. to 300 lbs. They have large, leathery wings lined with veins that make the wings look very much like a tree's leaves. The wings coloration also varies, from red, white, black, blue, silver, and even purple. They have long, muscular tails tipped with a pointy spine, much like the spines that line the creature's limbs. The arms of the Dragonoids are short and strong. The legs are also like the arms, but longer and containing much more muscle. The ankles are located higher than the foot, much like a large feline's. However, like a human, the Dragonoid kind prefer to stand on two legs, instead of all fours. Just below the feet are four sharp claws. They are mainly used for grabbing fish out of the icy bodies of water where they live. The claws on the hands are very different, used for holding tools. It is easy to tell that they use their hands for holding things, as they have an opposable thumb, much like other sapients.

The heads of the Dragonoids are topped off with swirling grey horns. Two large horns curve out from the front to the back, while two small horns stick out in the middle. Another feature is the bright golden eyes of the Dragonoids. All Dragonoids have them.


Dragonoids live in harsh, cold climates such as the high mountains of Xenox and the Snodon areas of Draka. They prefer to live high over the land on mountains so that they can view the land from above and make sure predators are not near. They also look for prey.

The Dragonoids' home territory is usually about 200 square miles in all.


Dragonoids are mainly carnivores, living off of fish and medium sized arctic animals, but they make few exceptions with herbs like mint.

Relationships with other DragonoidsEdit

Dragonoids live in packs of about 7-8 individual Dragonoids. These packs are called skalons (skah-lawns). Each skalon consists of, as previously mentioned, 7-8 Dragonoids. Each Dragonoid has a different job.

Alpha Male and FemaleEdit

In the skalon, there is only one alpha male and one alpha female. The alpha members' only jobs are to mate over and over and lay eggs. They do not do anything else.


2-3 Dragonoids in the skalon are hunters. The hunters find food and bring it back to the home territory.


The defenders are the remaining members of the skalon. They protect the alpha male and female, the food, and the home territory belonging to the skalon.

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