The Dragon Rider class "Leader" is bestowed upon the most powerful member of the Dragon Riders. This ranking makes the member that has this status the highest member of the group. Currently, only the founder of the Dragon Riders, Gladius König, has achieved this status.


The Leader also has one other job; to train the Apprentice. The Leader trains the Apprentice until either the Apprentice dies, or the Leader dies. If the Apprentice dies, the Leader chooses the next strongest warrior, usually the Field Marshall Titan Warrior. Since the Field Marshall is the highest type of a class and the Titan Warrior is the highest class, the Field Marshall Titan Warrior would be the strongest warrior behind the Apprentice. If the Leader dies, the current Apprentice becomes the Leader.The Leader's job is only to command the forces and lead the Dragon Riders to victory. The Leader commands the army where to attack and gives them battle details. Then, the Leader goes into battle and leads the army.


Gladius König



  • Sword
  • Lance
Notable individuals

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