A Forest Draegen hunting in the woods.

I have gazed death in the eyes, but yet here i stand. Instead of losing limbs or gaining scars i have found allies. We have bonded with the Draegens!
- Emperor Cam Bonja upon returning from The Hollows.

Draegens are a type of Dragons (or from the Dragi) living in the realm Zorvath, they help the Zarioth Empire defend the realm against the Bjervor Corsairs. They are different from regular Dragons as they are omnivorous and not necesserally aggresive towards Men, Dwarves and Elves (but they have a feud against the Elves as they fought each other long ago). Some Draegen species are stronger then regular Dragons and some are weaker. They are also different from Dragons as they leave a glowing orb behind upon death. These are sold at high prices due to the believe it enchances magical powers, but in reality these orbs contain all the knowledge and memories of the deceased Draegen. For some reason they hate normal Dragons


It is unknown when the Draegens came into existance, but the Draegen king Chivroykhan said his grand-grand-father freed them from the Dragon species and made sure they were a different kind.

Draegen speciesEdit

There are several species in the Draegen race:

  • Laema: A sub-Draegen, they have lost their sapiency and can be domesticated.
  • Fire Draegen: The most common form of the Draegens.
  • Frost Draegen: Draegens that live on tops of high mountains or near places which are always covered in snow.
  • Ice Draegen: The stronger form of Frost Draegens, they have the ability to freeze their foes with their breath.
  • Shadow Draegen: Draegens with scales black as the night, their fire is hotter then that of a Fire Draegen and is blue or green coloured (depending on the Draegen).
  • Forest Draegen: Draegens with scales that can adapt any green colour to blend with it's environment.
  • Thunder Draegen: Draegens with the ability to charge clouds, store lightning and fire it at enemies through their tail.
  • Darkhell Draegen: The strongest Draegens, recognisable by their extra pair of wings and dark scales. They are a dying breed however...
  • High Draegen: The semi-strongest Draegens, they are the leaders of the Draegen species and are larger then regular Draegens.
  • Phantom Draegen (Also known as Abyssal Fissure): An ancient deity refered in the Draegen mythology, it is a Draegen 7 times the normal size, it has no flesh, only bones, and is kept together with a magical purple coloured aura.


They currently live in the realm Zorvath in The Hollows. There they have made incredible halls and places to nest.

Important cities/locationsEdit

  • The Hollows: Their living place, it is deep beneath Zorvath and there are discussions wether or not it should be seen as a realm.
  • Thalvogyam: Capitol of the Draegen realm.

Important individualsEdit

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