A portrait of Draconoid.

Draconoid Hexanias (or Draco Hexanias) was a wealthy man that lived in Emiria. He was born in 2599. He became a lich in 2691, just before he died. However he was tied to a boat and sent out to sea. He was never heard from again.


Born in late 2599, Draconoid was almost killed as a baby. Just after his birth, which happened to be in a small hut in a clearing in the Dread Forest of the southern area of Emiria, his family was attacked by a band of Ogros. His father was killed, but his mother escaped, majorly injured. She escaped to Castle Styrke, where she soon died from the loss of blood from her injuries.


Draconoid Hexanias in his lich form

In 2600, Draconoid was adopted by a single mother. She sent Draconoid to one of the finest schools; the royal school. There he mastered sorcery and became an extremely powerful sorcerer. His adopted mother was so proud at this achievement. His adopted mother died when Draco was about 15 years old. This was an extremely tragic moment in his life. He went mad and ran away from the area. He lived in the Dread Forest for 42 years until he got a fatal disease. However, he did not die from the disease he recieved in the forest, he made the first self transformation of lichdom ever. He then returned as a member of the Greater Dead and attacked a small town on the outskirts of the Castle Styrke area. But a small army captured him, tied him to a raft, and sent him to the sea in 2692. He was never heard from again.

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