A dracolich

A Dracolich is a dragon that died, and was reanimated using the same process of reanimating as a Lich.


The appearance of a Dracolich certainly matters on the species of dragon. The magical abilities and personality also matters on the specific dragon. Say a Zeodragon died, and was reanimated by a Necromancer. This Zeodragon would have the exact same personality, powers, and other skills as it did when it was alive. Obviously greater dragons such as Titan Dragons and Rage Dragons would have great skills magically and physically, so they would work best if a Necromancer was looking for the mightiest dragon to reanimate.

Process of becoming a DracolichEdit

The process of creating a Dracolich is as or even more risky as making a normal Lich. This is because of the size of the dragon. The larger the object is, the harder it is to convert it into a Dracolich. But the same processes happen; the Dracolich is filled with its soul, the soul burns the organs and skin, the soul is binded together with the body, and then it is complete. However, only a truly talented Necromancer could make and control a Dracolich.


As there have been very few known Dracoliches in history, it is not easy to determine when the first Dracolich was created.


The name is a combonation of the two words Dragon and Lich. When the words are put together, it forms the word Dracolich.

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