Dorun Edemis
Dorun Edemis
Vital statistics
Title Warlock
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Tyros Dynasty
Status Alive
Location Fort Noryal
Dorun Edemis is a magician from Fort Noryal in Tyvarna. He was one of the tutors of Imran Skavos.


Forty years old, Dorun's hair is already greying and he is slightly overweight. He has a standard kindly expression and small brown eyes.


Dorun is always looking out for those in his care. He can seem overprotective.


A magical staff, chainmail armour, and a short sword are all Dorun's equipment.


Dorun is a magician with no real specialty. He can use offensive magic, protective wards and barriers, and long-distance communication. He has trouble with healing magic, however.

In FictionEdit

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