Neo Exanus, a Doom Knight

A Doom Knight is just the opposite of a Paladin; enforcing evil and slaying all things good.


Just the opposite of Paladins, Doom Knights usually have armor of black and white. However, pieces of silver are often included.

Usually Doom Knights have a white cross symbol on their armors. This is the symbol of the Doom Knight.


Most Doom Knights are Necromancers before becoming Doom Knights. They have to be very talented in the necrotic arts before they can become a Doom Knight.

They are usually very skilled in all dark magic. They are known to other lesser practitioners of dark magic to be "gifted by Exor".


Doom Knight are armed with anything from axes to crossbows, from javelins to maces. Usually a single Doom Knight has up to four individual weapons at once.

Becoming a Doom KnightEdit

The Doom Knight status can only be given to one by another Doom Knight. Sometimes, a Doom Knight will line up a large group of people, and see who has exceedingly powerful gifts in dark magic. The Doom Knight performs a ritual, known as "The Blessing of Exor". This ritual is just when the Doom Knight performs several dark spells on the soon-to-be Doom Knight, and see if he/she lives. If they live, they are considered a true Doom Knight.

However, there were only about one hundred Doom Knights that ever lived before they were hunted down.


Doom Knights have been around just as long as Paladins have. They have been in several wars with Paladins. They have enslaved many races, as well as causing extinction to a few. In 2690, Doom Knights were even hunted down to extinction in the land of Emiria. In 2695, Doom Knight were hunted down in Zeotriegn. However, The Dark Lords began to train more in Zeotriegn. But still, tales of the Doom Knights have not been forgotten in Emiria.


Doom Knights were considered to be over-lords of practitioners of dark magic. They were like kings, ruling over the others. However, The Dark Lords had different feelings about Doom Knights. They only thought they should be used as foot soldiers, not over-lords. The Dark Lords do not have very many Doom Knights, anyway.

Notable Doom KnightsEdit

Neo Exanus

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