Dezran is one of the Seven States of Olympia.

A beautiful view of some of the unpopulated tropics of Dezran


Dezran is mainly tropical forests and sandy beaches. Many small villages are scattered all around Dezran, not too close to each other, yet not too far away. Usually, they keep pretty close so that if a disaster occurs (natural or not), another village is not too far away so they can help (bringing supplies, fending off attackers, etc).

These villages are about three square mile wide with about twenty to thirty small huts. There are seven villages in Dezran. Because of this small number, Dezran is one of the least populated states of Olympia. What makes up for this low amount of population in Dezran is the large military stronghold, the ODDC. This military headquarters is made up of more than half of Dezran's population; about 60% of Dezran's inhabitants are members of military based at the Olympia Dezran Defence Center.

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