Deathbringer’s Citadel is the building in which Deathbringer normally stays. From the outside, it looks like an enormous stone mountain. It is made of rock, and is one kilometre high.

Inside, each floor is made from rock, and lava bubbles up in places regardless of floor. Some places are blocked by rockfalls, and others are covered in lava. The citadel is a deadly and unpredictable place.

At the top floor lies Deathbringer. This floor is about two hundred metres long and wide. Jagged rocks poke from the walls and floor, and lava gushes freely from spouts in the cracked, rocky floor. The ceiling is over one hundred metres above the ground, and mini-mountains extend to the very top. The back wall, against which Deathbringer lays, is said to be painted with the scene of a glorious sunset.

The walls of the citadel are over ten metres thick, and therefore impenetrable. However, the door to the citadel, on the bottom floor, is twenty metres high and fifteen metres wide, and left permanently open, for those foolish enough to enter. No-one has ever come out alive.

The citadel is said to be infested with monsters.

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