The Death Moon War, or wars, was a period of conflicts between the Blood Moon Elves (led by the Archlich [and former monarch] Thaerin Ohlkhan) against all the other Moon Elves.

The war started in the year 1695 and lasted until all of the Moon Elves vanished in the year 1759.

The most notable aspect of the war was that the Blood Moon Elves were able to perform Necromancy unlike in the Moon Wars. After study performed by the High Moon Elves, they discovered this was due to the new found powers of Thaerin Ohlkhan.

Notable eventsEdit

1695---Death Moon Wars started with the invasion of Half Moon Elven territory

1697---High Moon Elves and Flood Moon Elves join war

1712---Blood Moon Elven army reaches Half Moon Elven capital

1713---Invasion of Flood Moon Elven territory begins

1717---Flood Moon Elven army decimated during siege of capital, large portion of the High Moon Elven army finds their death there as well

1718---Invasion of High Moon Elven territory begins

1727---Major victory for the High Moon Elven army at the capital

1739---High Moon Elves (can finally) invade Blood Moon Elven territory

1741---High Moon Elven army reaches Blood Moon Elven capital

1742---High Moon Elven army retreats from Blood Moon Elven territory after defeat at capital

1746---High Moon Elven army destroyed at border citadel

1759---Moon Elves vanished

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