Dassana Nantius
Dassana Nantius
Vital statistics
Title Archmage
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Tyros Dynasty
Status Alive
Location Castle Dultrak
Dassana Nantius is an archmage loyal to the Tyros Dynasty. She is the leader of their magicians and resides in Castle Dultrak with the Tyros family.


Seventy years old, Dassana has been changed by age. While still quite strong in body, her skin has wrinkled and become blotchy, and her hair has gone white. She ties it in a bun behind her head.


Appearing distant, firm, and demanding, Dassana has high expectations of those around her and has no time for ranks or titles. She takes personal pride in the achievements of her tutees and is harsh in responding to failure.


Dassana usually carries a long staff inlaid with gems.


A master of several types of magic, Dassana has devoted her life to its study. She is known to be one of the most able magicians in Tyvarna.

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