Crystal blazion snow dragon

Darkrune, one of the two Draegen Champions.

Darkrune is one of the two Draegen Champions. It is unknown which type of Draegen he is. He is befriended with Ice Scorcher.


Darkrune is a giant Draegen with a height of 24 meters and a length of 42 meters. He has a giant ruby through his body, when Ice Scorcher asked how he got it he replied: "Humph, not even the bowels of the World can kill me..."


Not much is known of Darkrune's history.


Darkrune is a powerful user of magic, he is seen using the following spells:

  • Fire Storm: Darkrune causes small portals to open which pours fire all over an area.

He once said that if he would have to go down fighting he'd use a special spell:

  • Core Blast: A powerful attack that fires a ball of magma with a temperature that nears that of the planet's core. After using this spell the user either dies or loses his magical abilties.

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