Dajun Arcanius is the current leader of The Resistance. He was born in 3963 in Olympia, under the wing of The Resistance.


Dajun was born in 3963 in Olympia. He lived in a small room alone, with no parents in the keep of The Resistance in the Descolox Desert's undergrounds. His parents left him when he was just born. It is assumed whoever they were, went to work for The Empire. Dajun grew up to be a magnificent fighter, master the arts of the mace. The mace was his choice of weaapon over all others. He was the only user of a mace in all of The Resistance, but he was also the greatest fighter of them all. In 3985, the members of The Resistance wanted a leader. Nominations were put up, but Dajun one over a landslide. He became the first leader of The Resistance in 3986. Ever since, he has been training at the age of 41 in the keep of The Resistance.


Dajun looks much like Tytos Korlath, a king in Emiria. He has the same features; gray hair, well built, except he is more muscular. Dajun could easily be mistaken for the malevolent king.


Many describe him as a noble; urging to do good deeds and bringing peace. But when conversation of The Empire arrises, he will quickly become full of anger and hatred. His one goal in life is to defeat The Empire and bring peace to Olympia.

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