Czoiltha is a famous Demon Lord. It is known for being particularly cunning and manipulative.
Demon Cat With Wings



Usually, Czoiltha appears as a small, white-furred cat with avian wings and red patterning on its body. It is extremely fast-moving and lithe, and with claws that extend as far as the Demon wishes.


Unlike most of its kind, Czoiltha finds physical beings amusing and prefers to watch them go about their lives than to destroy them. It likes to perform large-scale social experiments and discover how small changes or additions affect how mortals act.

However, it is not pacifistic and will fight aggressively if threatened.


As one of the most powerful Demons known, Czoiltha possesses remarkable powers. It is capable of manipulating all forms of magic and is highly resistant to magical attack, proving virtually indestructible.

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