Vrohjas Elthion, the Crystal Guardian heir as an example of their appearance

Crystal Guardians (formerly known as Moon Elves) are one of the civilised species that roam the safe areas of Beaghonho. They arrived since the year 1760 when the High Moon Elves (and the remnants of the Lesser Moon Elves) faced their extinction. But for unknown reasons a portal opened and they fled. Popular theories suggest that this portal was opened due to the Necromancy performed by the Blood Moon Elves.

It is unknown what happened to the Blood Moon Elves after the remaining Moon Elves fled Jovulusio.

The Crystal Guardians live in several cities such as:


The Crystal Guardians are able to use the minerals of Beaghonho (mostly diamond and crystals) and have the best defensive weapons that can be made. Their ranks themselves are few:

  • Heartland Guard: This is a mutual rank as all species inside Beaghonho support the Alliance by granting troops known as the Heartland Guard.
  • Xonthiar: The main soldiers of the Crystal Guardians
  • Eclipse Fighter: An elite soldier wearing an armour of a rare crystal found in Beaghonho
  • Arkamni: The Bodyguards of the royal families.

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