The Couatl are an enigmatic civilisation of feathered serpentine sapients to be found deep within the Southern Jungles.
Couatl colored by ProdigyDuck


Serpentine, but with two large wings and two arms, the Couatl have green scales and mutli-coloured feathers go down their backs. There is a crest of feathers above the head and a plume on the end of the tail. When fully stretched out, an individual may be eight metres long, but they spend most of their time with the front half of their body upright and stand around 1.8m tall.

Their eyes are yellow and have round pupils. They have forked tongues that flicker in and out of their mouths and retractible fangs that carry hallucinogenic venom.

Notable is their very fast movement, on the land and in the air.


The Couatl are sapient, and highly intelligent. They live in cities consisting of hundreds of superficially overgrown stepped pyramids and tall towers of the same architectural style, as well as floating buildings. Crystal structures are common, and territory is often marked by obelisks hundreds of feet tall.


Mostly aloof, Couatl take exception only to the existence of humans. Their hatred of mankind is deep-rooted and though they are happy to co-exist with almost all other species, they are unwilling even to associate with humans.

They believe that the Gods accepted by most in Emiria exist but also believe that they have been abandoned by them and must survive on their own initiative from now on. They are currently working to advance magically, technologically, and to prepare their armies for a series of great wars to come.


Couatl are magical beings, employing various kinds of magic. It is incorporated into their society, architecture, and day-to-day living.

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