A Coccyxus (Cox-ix-sus) is a normal humanoid with a long, stringy tail.


The name of these creatures come from the tailbone of a human, the coccyx, as these creatures have more developed coccyxes, they were named after these tailbones.


Coccyxuses look like normal humans, except for the long tail sticking out of the lower back. The color of their tails depend on the skin color of the being.


Coccyxuses used to be widespread around Emiria, but were hunted down for their "disturbing appearances". They are now only found in the deep Dread Forest of the south. However, they are uncivilized and are refered to as very primitive.

In Olympia, they are now extinct. They, along with their cosuins the Arachnises, were forced to extinction during The Olympian War of 0101.


Much like humans, Coccyxuses are omnivores. They usually eat bugs, vegetables, and small mammals.


Coccyxus lived all over Emiria, until in 2030, they were all hunted down. However, about a hundred escaped to the Dread Forest of the south. To this day, they roam the forest.

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