Dragon by el grimlock

Chivroykhan the Draegen king.

Chivroykhan is the Draegen king, he rules all the Draegens and allows only one mortal being to ride him, Emperor Cam Bonja, he who created the friendship between the men of Zorvath and the Draegens. At the moment he is 3063 years old and rules over the Draegen race for over 2644 years. He is a High Draegen


Chivroykhan is a big Draegen with a height of 28 meter and a length of 47 meter. He has only 2 pair of limbs (as his wings are placed on his arms).


Once his father died (Chivroykhan was 311 years old at that time)he gained rulership over all the Draegens. He was an excellent fighter and was known for executing those who were defeated in battle. It was he who created the alliance pact between the Draegens and the Zarioth Empire.


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