A Chimaera

Chimaeras are massive monsters native to Mythos. They are extremely dangerous, matching even some of the largest Dragons in terms of pure ferocity and power. Luckily, they are very rare; only a handful have been seen in reported history, and they may be extinct.


A Chimaera has three heads: a Lion, a Goat, and a Dragon. Clawed wings extend from their sides, and their bodies have many spikes.

The tail of a Chimaera is that of a giant serpent, and its legs are that of the lion.

The Chimaera normally grows to be sixty feet tall, and 150 feet long.


The Chimaera's most devastating weapon is its fiery breath, which is white with intense heat and can melt right through even the hardest stone. Each head is capable of making use of this weapon.

All three heads are venomous: a single touch from one of its teeth can kill almost any animal almost instantaneously. They exhale mildly toxic gas when they breathe, which pollutes areas. Only the strongest beings can withstand this gas for long.

Chimaeras are immune to most forms of magic.


Although the goat head can eat trees, the other two heads much eat meat, several tons of flesh per day. This may be the cause of their decline, as it is hard for such a creature to maintain its diet.


Chimaeras are incredibly vicious, and seem to exist only to cause chaos and mayhem. This makes them similar to Demons.


Chimaeras were assembled by an insane wizard thousands of years ago. It seems that this man was killed by his creation.

In the year 3050, the last known Chimaera was slain.

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