Green death

Green Death

During Hasina's quest to slay Deathbringer, she discovered he had five eggs, which hatched soon afterwards.


They all look identical to Deathbringer, except for one. The last one to hatch had emerald-green scales, and its eyes glowed bright white, instead of bright blue. When born, they were only one metre long, but grow to their full size of about 60 metres in a couple of years.

Intelligence and PyschologyEdit

They are sapient, but cruel and malicious just like Deathbringer. However, in 4005, two of his children, Green Death and Red Fury, turned against him, valuing life above the destruction of Emiria.


Deathbringer almost always refers to them as 'children', but when Green Death turned against him, he revealed all five of their names.

  • Green Death - so named because of his emerald-green scales, he turned against Deathbringer
  • Red Death - he believes fully in Deathbringer's motives and continues to carry out his work
  • Red Fury - Red Fury also turned against Deathbringer
  • Red Plague - not much is known about Red Plague
  • White Death - not much is known about White Death

In FictionEdit

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