The Caladrius is an extremely rare sapient avian from Emiria. It may be related to the Simurgh.

An etching of a Caladrius


The Caladrius is a pure white feathered bird resembling a dove, but around 1.3m in length and with reduced wings relative to its body size.

Its pupils turn blue when it is nearby ill or injured humans. For unknown reasons, it shows extreme magical resistance, and magicians very close to it find themselves much weakened, until they move away again.


The Caladrius is a sapient being, capable of understanding many different languages and analysing situations quickly.


The Caladrius is a very selective feeder. It will only eat food which has been placed before a well-respected man- it refuses any other nutriment. It will starve to death if this is not available.

It is a benevolent creature, seeking out the ill and injured. It then attempts to cure them, but only attempts to heal humans.

It looks into the eyes of the victim. If it cannot make eye contact, no further activity occurs. If it succeeds, a strong blue light appears connecting the two beings and this becomes too bright to look at.

Following this, the light will fade. The victim's ailments will be gone, up to and including missing limbs or organs, major psychological damage, basilisk venom, or magical curses.

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