A Broodwarrior

Broodwarriors are a species of Sandcrawlers native to Yantheriol. They guard the tunnel networks that the Diggers made against the Sand Elves.


An insectoid creature with 4 pair of limbs (4 legs and 4 arms, all ending with spikes) that are used to kill its enemy by whatever means necessary. It has 4 eyes on its head (with 2 pairs having a different vision: A night vision and a Heat vision) that are used to spot its enemies from all sides.

How to killEdit

As with most of the Sandcrawlers the weak spot is situated in the joints, but because the Broodwarrior has more weapons than other Sandcrawlers it is suggested you attack it with long weapons, for example spears, or distance weapons, such as bows, crossbows, etc...

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