The Bloodaxe Horde is a confederation of Orcs led by Krug Bloodaxe that is surprisingly advanced, though no less barbaric for it. It is powerful enough to pose a moderate threat to House Meta and is one of the most feared powers in the region.


Unlike most Orcs, who are merely content to raid, the Bloodaxe Horde focuses on conquest. They control a stretch of land approximately thirty miles across, which contains several oppressed villages. Humans are used as slaves, meat (in lean times; no point in eating away a limited resource, as Krug says) and test subjects for the diabolical experiments the shamans concoct. The Horde's headquarters is an inteconnected series of relatively small, fortified islands in the middle of a small lake. The Orcs are not very good at naming things; the islands are called the Bloodaxe Islands, and the lake is called Lake Slaughter.


Bloodaxe society is not much different from that of other Orc clans. Females are treated the same as normal, although Bloodaxe harems contain an unusually high amount of humans for some reason. The chieftain, currently Krug, is at the top, followed by his elite generals and shamans. The next step down consists of standard Orc warriors, then weak orcs, then humans and female orcs.

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