The Black Army was a military force that controlled central Emiria from 1500 to its ultimate defeat at the hands of House Malyion around 2000.


The Black Army was founded by a man named Adam Symon. Adam was the head captain of a mercenary group and used his force to gain land, eventually building it up and turning it into the Black Army. Adam ruled it for most of his life but appointed a successor after him, which subsequently did the same and so on and so on. The greatest defeat of the Black Army was their attempt to take the west, which only incited the Malyions to wipe out the Black Army completely.


At its peak the Black Army is thought to have had 50,000 men in its service.


The Black Army's territory stretched across all of central Emiria, most of the east and the edges of the west at its peak. It would eventually lose all of its territory due to indecision and turmoil within and brutal attacks from the armies of House Malyion across all western fronts. The Black Army effectively collapsed on itself and paved a way for the Malyions to grab control of central Emiria.


The Black Army never followed a set religion although most worshipped the blood god Rhaal, a deity that supposedly granted eternal happiness if blood was spilled in its name. Many zealots of the Black Army became great heroes due to their fervor.

After the fall of the Black Army and the rise of the Order, Rhaal was denounced as a false god and a servant of Mortis, although no link between Rhaal and Mortis can be found in Father Mortis.

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