Bjorn Hammerfist
Bjorn Hammerfist






Lord of Ironhall

Bjorn Hammerfist is the Lord of Ironhall. He is 547 years old, and has a wife and two children.


Hammerfist is a typical Dwarf; four feet tall, muscular, and with a thick, black beard. His face is heavily scarred, from battles he fought long ago.


Being the Lord of Ironhall, Hammerfist has access to the best available weaponry and armor. He has adamantine armor, and a heavy steel axe he forged himself at the age of twenty. This axe has a sentimental value for him.


Bjorn Hammerfist is gruff and rugged, speaking laconically most of the time. Despite his uncaring demeanor, he cares deeply for his people.


Bjorn Hammerfist is married to a slightly younger female Dwarf named Freya Goldenbraid. His eldest son (and heir to Ironhall) is 340 and named Sven Hammerfist, and he has a teenage daughter (45) whose name is Astrid Hammerfist.

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