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Bjervor Corsairs are Men allied to the Arokhviru Kingdom who regullary (try to) raid the Zarioth Empire. They are excellent sailors, cartographers, navigators and shipbuilders.

The Bjervor Corsairs have ports in Arasolta and an unknown realm that lies between Arasolta and Zorvath.

There is no real ruler but there is a title, called the 'Deathman', that gives a corsair respect and gives fear among his enemies.

The Zarioth Empire has sent several of their expeditionary forces to find the locations of the Bjervor Corsairs, but all of these were destroyed, looted and captured.

Once the time is ripe (in other words, when the Arokhviru Kingdom rules all of Arasolta) they will move outwards and invade Zorvath. Because the Zarioth Empire is unaware of the Arokhviru Kingdom they would easily be conquered.

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