A Behemur

Behemur are great non-sapient beasts of the sea native to Mythos. Although not intentionally aggressive, Behemur are known to inadvertently cause the deaths of innocent people. There are few Behemur, they roam the seas slowly, and live for thousands of years. It is rumored that the oldest Behemur has been around since the beginning of time.


Behemur are large whale-like creatures. They are scaly and have spines along their back. The scales are very strong, and protect against anything that could hurt the Behemur. Sharp spikes are scattered on their tails. They have 6 fins that are progressively smaller the farther away they are from the head. Behemur can grow to several kilometers long.


Behemur feed on anything stupid enough to wander into their mouth. They have an amazing digestive tract that renders most anything edible. They have been known to eat small islands when active hunting.


Behemur slowly meander their ways around the oceans of Mythos. They rarely ever visit the same place twice. Killing a Behemur is impossible without use of advanced magic. The scales that line them are too hard for any man-made material to break, and should a Behemur feel any danger, it can simply sink lower into the ocean.

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