The city Rhoavorthex that can be seen upon arriving in Beaghonho

Everything your scholars taught you, forget it. In this dimension nothing is true, aside from what the Lifeforge told us.
- A Crystal Guardian meeting a Snow Elf

Baeghonho is a magical dimension (and at the same time a complete realm) which can be accessed through either The Gateway or the hidden Void Stalker portal.

Beaghonho houses many crystallised species and several foreign species such as the Moon Elves (who now call themselves the Crystal Guardians), Humans (several kingdoms), etc...

All foreign species living here have sworn to defend the Lifeforge and have been in a state of emergency ever since The Gateway was created. All kingdoms have an excellent military and use the huge amount of crystals and diamonds (the most common minerals in Beaghonho).

There are rumours of more realms beyond the Cloud ocean but these are unprotected by the Lifeforge who keeps the demons banished here at bay.



The Gods is a term given to the race that lived here since the beginning, they are called the Varajena (meaning overlords in their language).



  • Crystal Dragon
  • Crystal Scorpion
  • Crystal Golem
  • Crystalites

Important citiesEdit

Rhoavorthex: The Heartland city of all of Beaghonho, many species live here.

Phyros Eden: The Capitol of the Crystal Guardians.


None yet...

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