Base Spells are basic words in the Ancient language of magic that have no Spell Enhancements. An example of a base spell is Pyro. Pyro is the Ancient word for fire. It can have several Enhancements on it, but it can still exist without an Enhancement. If the Enhancement ae for power is said, no effect will happen but if Pyrae is said (Pyro with ae), a stronger fire will be summoned. Pyro can still exist without ae, however. This is because Pyro is a base spell, and ae is an Enhancement.


Casting spells like other magic has a risk. If a low level wizard attempts to perform a high level spell, he could very well go insane (if he was lucky), simply die, spontaneously combust, or have his very soul be torn from his body and ripped apart. This is because Magic is channeled from the caster's soul to the body, and out. Some religions believe it is possible to channel a god's energies into the body as well and use it for magical purposes that would be impossible to do otherwise.

For the sake of life, we have given all known base spells, including base spells + enhancements, a proper labeling in levels. Level 1 being able to cast by a novice wizard, Level 5 life threatening no matter the skill. A 6 could also be used for a spell that could be so life-threatening, it could have risk of killing not just the caster, but people around.

However, to make spellcasting easier, mages can store their own life energy in various gems and crystals. They need to only store a little bit at a time to avoid weakening themselves, but over weeks and months this can grow to a considerable amount of power, allowing them to cast higher-level spells at a lower-level risk.


Level 1: This spell could be casted by anyone with the slightest magical talent with not really any risk.

Level 2: This spell should have moderated use by low-skill casters, but no real risk for trained casters.

Level 3: This spell could be potentialy life threatening to a low-skill caster, and should have moderated use by any caster.

Level 4: This spell could almost have a 100% of death to a low-skill caster, and should not be used unless in an emergency by a higher level caster.

Level 5: This spell has a very high chance to kill any caster performing this spell and should not be used.

List of Base SpellsEdit

List of Base Spells

Name of Base Spell

Involved with


Fire, Flames, Heat


Ice, Cold


Water, Sea, Ocean


Undead, Death, Darkness


Light, Bright


Earth, Ground, Soil




Wind, Air


Mind, Thought, Illusion

List of Base Spells(2)

Name of Base Spell



Summon beings


Pain, Suffering


Healing, Health

This list does not tell what each base spell does, rather what it involves (when enhanced). However, the words for spells are only used as ways to focus a mage's magical powers. Magic is about imaging, and as such more experienced mages have little need for words, while novices use them more frequently to help them cast the spell successfully.

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