It was a slaughter. A bloody slaughter.

- A survivor of the conquering of Balask.

Balask was a small island realm off the coast of southern Emiria. It was later conquered by the forces of Tytos Korlath.


Balask was an island known for its fertility. Many crops were grown on it and it was abundant in food. Balask was founded by a group of settlers in 2456, led by Yonn Balask. The realm was ruled by a king named Yuron Balask when it was conquered. In 4001 Tytos Korlath sent a large fleet of around 10,000 men led by his bastard son Drake to capture Balask.

Battle for BalaskEdit

Balask had nearly no defence and next to no military. The total military amassed during the war is estimated to be around 2000 but even these were poorly trained and did not compare to the knights of Emiria. Nearly a quarter of Balask had fallen before any resistance was amassed. 4000 Emirian men were sent to sweep the perimeter of Balask so that the main force that besieged Castle Yonn would not be flanked.

However, there was much food stocked up in the castle and a siege would be lengthy and consume many resources. Drake ordered siege endings to be built and a storming of the castle. He sent in the hostages he had taken first, and then he sent in his own men. The castle fell very quickly with few casualties on the invaders' side. Drake later paraded the head of King Yuron around on a pike.

During the conflict the other kings and queen of Emiria were written to for help and although they frowned upon the assault, they never lifted a finger to help.


While Balask was held by Yuron Balask, they worshipped a different god than the ones worshipped by the people of Emiria. Instead they worshipped the mighty sea creatures called Behemur, claiming that they were born when the world was new. They claim all of Mythos is simply a large Behemur that swims the oceans of the stars. They thought realms and islands were just giant Behemur, and that the Behemur never stop growing.


Balask is a large supplier of food. When Tytos Korlath took control of it he gained all of the natural resources Balask had to give. This was a large boon to his kingdom. In addition, the warriors that were captured were turned into "slave soldiers". Many of these slave soldiers formed the front lines of the attack on Zeotriegn.

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