The Arokhvirian emblem.

The Arokvhiru Kingdom is a kingdom ruled by the Men of Irisotha.

When Mythos was formed a fight between the God Onthakoth and the 2 Demi-Gods Hortghrar Goovair and Thyorvak Poltakeist created Arasolta.

Recently it has been revealed that the Men of Arokhviru are no ordinary Men, they are Thersthings.


The history of the Arokhviru Kingdom equals the global timeline known as After Mythos (AM). Their timeline is divided in 3 eras:

  • The Illusion Era: A timeline during from 0 AM until 367 AM, or during the reign of the two First Kings of Irisotha.
  • The Freedom Era: The period from 368 AM until 1491 AM, in this period there was nothing but peace and freedom.
  • The Future Era: Also known as the Invasion Era, The Arokhviru Kingdom attacked the neighbouring Elven Kingdoms and succeeded in their conquest.


The Arokhviru Kingdom has 5 military branches:

Important individuals and officersEdit


The Arokhviru Kingdom has gathered allies among the enemies of the Elves:

Current eventsEdit

In fictionEdit

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