Arkatekkon was a Great Dragon that once lived in Zeotriegn.


Arkatekkon is just about as large as Kalessaros the Black, Arkatekkon is about 950 metres long and 3150 metres in wingspan. His wings were possibly the largest of all dragon-kind.

His giant wings were very thin, but very strong. The rubbery membrane of his wings were torn over his thousand years of existence, but stayed strong. Many dull horns stick out of his head, but the more impressive ones are the ones that curve out from behind his cheeks. Spikes stick out in several spots of the body such as the arms, legs, and many others. Each leg of the beast is rowed with three large yellowish claws. The claws are extremely sharp and used mainly for climbing.


Just like Kalessaros the Black, the book The True Faith of Emiria lists Arketekkon as one of the three beings who threatened to destroy Mythos.

Arkatekkon was banished from Mythos in 0102 by Neannu. It was not Neannu alone who banished Arkatekkon, it was when Neannu teamed up with Balthos, god of war. They successfully banished Arkatekkon to a limbo state, so that Arkatekkon would never exist in a spirit form.

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