The full map of Arasolta with all of its realms.

Arasolta is a giant archipelago consisting of several more realms. The formation of these realms (slightly) resemble the shape of an eye. Arasolta consists of about 11 realms (with 9 being ruled by the Arokhviru Kingdom and 1 being sieged and mostly conquered. The eye is seen as 3 parts:

-The iris or Irisotha.

-The upper eyelid:






-The lower eyelid:








  • Arokhviru Kingdom: A kingdom with a lust to conquer, ruled by men blessed by their gods with increased lifespan.
  • Thurweinh Union: A unified force of the (remaining) Elven Kingdoms of Arasolta, after the Arokhviru Kingdom conquered a second (Elven) realm the Elven Kingdoms united to bring down the tiranny of Men. They failed and only 3 Kingdoms remain at the moment, hiding in the woods for safety.

Important IndividualsEdit

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