A large Aquxium stone

Aquxium is a deep blue colored mineral found at seafloors. Aquxium is at very high demand, like the mineral Meteorite, because of its light and durable qualities.


Aquxium is named after the Olympian goddess of water, Aqux. This is because the mineral is found underwater, or simply because of the deep blue coloring.


Although it is slightly heavier than Meteorite, it possesses a unique magical ability. Any living thing who touches Aquxium directly or through something metallic like a sword's blade is given a light shock. The larger the Aquxium, the more powerful the shock. This is useful when creating weapons. The blade can be made of Aquxium, while the handle could be Meteorite (as long as it is not metallic, you're good). This combo would make a light, durable, and enchanted sword. Armor could also be made like this, Meteorite on the inside (leather could also work well, but not as effective), Aquxium on the outside. This would cause a shock to be induced to anyone who touches the armor, or hits it with a metal blade.

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