Alxed Voose is an artist that once lived in the Kingdom of Emiria. His art was largely ignored in his time, and was then taken from him by the Order of Neannu. He was born in 2457, but he died in 2489 at the age of 32.
  • A painting of a Harpy done by Alxed Voose
  • A painting of the war god Balthos, done by Alxed Voose
  • A picture of the deity Mortis, done by Voose


Often described as mad and mentally disturbed, Alxed was considered criminally insane. This seems to have begun after the death of his sister, when he was 13 years old.

He claimed that when he became mad he could 'see the great beings and their servants'. Some claim that this inspired his many art pieces, such as his paintings of the creatures of the Abyss.


Alxed made more than 100 known works, all of which contain people, places, and things from his 'visions'.

In FictionEdit

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