Alexia Meta is the eldest child of Arcon Meta and Vyana Meta, and thus stands to inherit the throne of House Meta, despite having a brother. She is 17, and despite her age she is a competent military commander.


Alexia is an attractive young woman with light brown hair and green eyes. She generally wears a custom-made suit of beautiful steel armor. Her preferred weapon is a longsword she keeps with her at all times, but she also uses several daggers.

Bloodaxe IncidentEdit

Alexia is most famous for narrowly saving House Meta and herself from the infamous Bloodaxe Horde. The Orc army invaded the Center and fought House Meta's army for weeks. After identifying the camp of the Orc leader Krug Bloodaxe, Alexia attacked its borders and provoked him into pursuing her. She and her troops engaged Krug and his small battalion, an engagement which resulted in heavy losses on Krug's side and relatively little on Alexia's. The Orc challenged her to a one-on-one duel to unconsciousness, and it was stipulated that the winner would capture the loser. Krug defeated Alexia after nearly half an hour and captured her, but before the duel she had taken the opportunity to sign to her troops orders to gather reinforcements and attack the camp within two days. The plan went awry when Alexia was informed that she was not to be executed and that Krug had other plans, to be revealed in an Orcish holy ritual the following sunset. Fortunately, the House Meta soldiers arrived with reinforcements a day before the ceremony, forcing Krug and the Bloodaxe Horde to flee. Speculation as to exactly what the holy ritual was going to be generally causes the curious soldier's comrades to question his or her intelligence and/or sanity, as asking about it usually results in Alexia beating up the offender.

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