Alexandria Laflanza, often called "Skew", is a Dark Elf who was once in service with The Empire, but she currently serves The Resistance.


Like most Dark Elves, her ears are pointed and her eyebrows are elegantly slanted. She has raven-colored hair flowing down from her head. She, like most of her kind, has smooth, dark skin.

She wears very little clothing. It is unknown if this is for aerodynamics, attractiveness, or most possibly both. She wears very long leggings that leave a large hole by her waist. She has another segment covering her abdominal section.

She usually carries weapons such as reavers, large claw like weapons that are held with a handle. Several razor-sharp blades curve out of the handle, like a claw. She is also known to carry a pitch black whip.


Used as a personal assassin by The Ancient Ones, she has extreme stealth. She is probably one of the few people over the hundreds of years to actually speak personally with The Ancient Ones. However, she has gained the trust of them greatly with her many assassinations. She recently quit her job in The Empire and joined The Resistance, but she claims only for the money.


Alexandria appears to be very cold hearted and cruel, but really, she has another side to her.


Alexandria was born in 3960 in the western area of Emiria. She was sent away to live on a boat in 3975 during an attack from House Malyion. This boat sailed around Mythos for about 10 years, docking in several different realms for supplies until it was attacked and brought in by a group of Olympian attackers. The attackers brought the hostages, which included Alexandria, to Olympix, the capital. There, the few remaining Dark Elves were tortured to death. All of them died, except Alexandria. The Ancient Ones noticed this, and brought Alexandria under their wing. She proved excellent to them even at only age 16. They trained her with expert trainers to be an assassin. She soon became stronger and mightier than even her trainers, proving this by killing all of her trainers. This brought attention from The Ancient Ones. The fact that she easily killed all of her trainers single handedly was impressive. They then used her, just at age 17, as a personal assassin, riding Olympia of all people opposing the empire of The Ancient Ones. In 4003, Skew joined The Resistance, but she claims she never was with The Empire, nor is she with The Resistance, instead, she is just with money and where money is. She is currently 43 years of age, a young Dark Elf.

In FictionEdit

Story: Return of The Resistance

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