An exposed Agaliyan under the light of a full moon

Agaliyans are a species of tree-dwelling omnivores native to the Southern Jungles of Mythos. Superificially, they resemble frogs.


Agaliyans are not very large creatures, measuring about 1.5 meters in length with their legs fully extended. They have long limbs and digits used to clamber around and leap in the canopy.The animals have a moist, sticky skin that absorbs water, which is obtained from the humidity in the air.


These animals are omnivorous, and eat both insects living up in the trees and plant matter such as leaves and shoots. Exotic fruits and flowers are particularly relished.


Agaliyans spend their entire lives in the trees, never coming down to the forest floor. They lay their eggs in small pools of water formed by epiphyte plants, and raise their young on their backs. Generally, they live in groups.

They are actually quite intelligent, having been seen to use primitive tools such as sticks while gathering food. However, they are not sapient.

Although Agaliyans are very secretive, they are not particularly dangerous in any way (unlike many other creatures of the Southern Jungles). This, coupled with their intelligence and bright coloration, has made them a sacred race to the native Junglemen, and it is culturally forbidden to harm one. Emirian outsiders, on the other hand, find the meat of the Agaliyans particularly delicious, which has added insult to injury in the war between the two civilizations.

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