Phantom dragon evolved

Abyssal Fissure after his transformation.

Abyssal Fissure was a giant Draegen described in their mythology (can be read in the Story: Draegen mythologies). They refer him as the Draegen God and their religion is mostly based around him.


Abyssal Fissure had two appearances as he transformed at a certain point due to the immense amount of magic he had gathered.

Before TransformationEdit

Abyssal Fissure was a giant, graceful purple Draegen that was respected by all and feared by all. He was about 56 times the size of an average Draegen (meaning he was 1120 meters high, the comparison between a Draegen's length is 87 the size, so 2958 meters long as an average Draegen is 20 meters high and 34 meters long).

After TransformationEdit

After he transformed his flesh was gone, all that remained was his skeleton (which was also transformed into some sort of magical metallic material) which was held together by a magical purple aura.


Before escape from BeaghonhoEdit

Not much is known about Abyssal Fissure and all that we know is written in the Story: Draegen mythologies.

After escape from BeaghonhoEdit

After Abyssal Fissure had escaped there have been rumours of destroyed realms west of Jovulusio.


Before TransformationEdit

Abyssal Fissure had a wide variation of spells which continued to grow as he desired to become the strongest magical being ever. Some of his well known and feared spells:

  • Magic realm: A spell that creates an invisible barrier, the summoner automatically gains an advantage in this area and a heavy magical pressure is being emitted on all beings in this area. Casting the spell takes some time, this is the only moment and chance you have to escape the spell.

After TransformationEdit

After his transformation, Abyssal Fissure controlled every spell, known and forgotten. But before he was even able to use any of it he was pulled to another dimension.

The only spell he used was a passive uncontrollable spell that caused his purple aura to shoot some sort of lightning that caused much damage. If an individual would have been hit by it he would either die, become infused with magic or be merged within Abyssal Fissure's aura.

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